Review: Lacuna by Reb Fountain

September 21

Seeing Reb Fountain perform live is a bewitching experience, not just because she is an absurdly-talented songwriter and musician, but also because she has a way of dancing that makes you want to question everything you ever thought to be true and give yourself over to Reb’s groove.

It’s entirely appropriate that director Lola Fountain-Best chose to focus her camera on the “Reb dance” for the ‘Lacuna’ video, filmed in Queenstown. Throughout the song, Lola’s frames the singer moving, sometimes seriously and sometimes whimsically (spot the Karate Kid moves), to a palpitating synth. It encapsulates the vibe of her live shows, and leaves the poetry of her lyrics free to pop. “I couldn’t see, but ripples in the water told me something’s out there,” she sings, balanced on a rock like an Aotearoa-indie-noir answer to Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid, while Lake Wakatipu roils in the background.

‘Lacuna’ is the third single off Reb Fountain’s new album, IRIS, out in October. – LW

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