moun·tain /mount(ə)n/ a region characterised by remoteness and inaccessibility.

cul·ture/ˈkəlCHər/ the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Named for the year Mount Aspiring National Park was founded, 1964 is a reader-supported, quarterly print and digital magazine based in the far south of Aotearoa New Zealand. We write about our country’s remote places and the people who seek them out. We render New Zealand’s landscapes in close-up, not in wide-angle. We hunt outdoor adventure for the awe and the challenge in it, but also for the creativity, psychology and eccentricity. We look for the comedy in it too. The stories in 1964 are not ones you’ve heard before, because, like a good punchline, the best things in life are sometimes hard to find.

In order to keep this website running fast and smooth, the photos on our website are very small. To get a better idea of what 1964 is really about, you need to see the magazine.

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“[An] example[s] of how print might be reinvented .... It illustrates how a very high-quality production can be done with very little staffing."

“This magazine feels as if it was made by a group of friends who genuinely love publishing – it takes risks, is filled with crazy ideas, and is never safe or predictable. The covers are impossible to ignore or forget.”

judges at the Webstar Magazine Media Awards

“1964 is a breath of fresh mountain air in the New Zealand magazine industry. It employs gorgeous design with beautiful photography to embellish its finely written articles—which cover an eclectic mix of the finer points of mountain town culture. It is the first New Zealand magazine that I picked up for the first time and thought, ‘this was put together for people like me’—I’m so happy it exists.”

Tom Hoyle - Christchurch, AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND

Publications Editor/Designer New Zealand Alpine Club

“I was totally with you from the first page.  Wonderful to see a magazine prioritising literature over advertising. I was also rapt to see how you kept the literature in relation to the mountains.”

Sophie J. - Wellington, AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND

"1964 is a stunning product. The content, a fusion of arts, culture and rec, is accessible to a variety of readers. You might come for the article on street art or a legendary performer and then find yourself immersed in an article on gigantic goldfish and the delicate ecosystems of New Zealand or a speed skier.”

Sydney Black - BC, Canada

Executive Director - Nelson & District Arts Council

"I love what you're doing, combining strong writing and photography, and including poetry in interesting ways as well.”

Nic Low - christchurch, aotearoa new zealand

Author, Uprising: Walking the Southern Alps of New Zealand

Sitting down with each issue of 1964 goes hand in hand with cracking a beer. It visually takes you on a local journey that inspires your next adventure, while enhancing the fondness for the people, nature, and history that fills this space. We ultimately find deeper ties and appreciation with each flick of the page and sip of beer.

Kate Mitchell- Wanaka, Aotearoa New ZEaland

Rhyme X Reason Brewery

“Such a great piece of work, which I am sure has drawn on the talents of numerous people, in the deliverance of a concept that’s taken hours of time and effort to produce. Not just a great read, but also a great flick through and a great perusal.”

Jase John - Queenstown, aotearoa New zealand

Director/Owner NZSHRED

I love New Zealand but it’s been a tough couple years of not getting my fix.  I am excited to get back but in the meantime 1964 is keeping me in the loop and continues to stoke the fire until I can return. I love that the content keeps you connected to the pulse of the culture and the photography provides a feast for the eyes. Thank you 1964 and hopefully I’ll see you again soon NZ!

Zack Black - Montana, USA

Your magazine keeps us connected to a place and nation we have been quite taken with!

David Raphael - Vermont, USA

“You have put together an amazing magazine!!! And everyone I show it to says the same thing!!”

Janis Mackay - Riverton, AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND

“Loved every page, interesting, beautiful, funny and insightful.”

Jude Nuttridge - Christchurch, AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND

“Loved the variety of content and layout.”

Peter Lyttle - Geraldine, AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND

“Just spent a wintery afternoon by the fire reading 1964. What a class act! Loved the speed skaters, the goldfish and the whitebaiters.”

Lindsey Schofield - Lake Hawea, AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND

"I love your publication! Beautifully done."

Beth - new mexico, usa

“Consistently publishing engaging, entertaining, and aesthetically pleasing, magazines.”

murph - wanaka, Aotearoa new zealand

“I subscribed to 1964 to get more of this kind of sanity. I love the very idea of New Zealand and your take on it, in the articles you print and the ethos you seem to be driven by in the whole publication. These things  go to the heart of what I think that idea of NZ is and nod to the things that constitute a worthy life. Good job indeed!"

David - Sydney, Australia

“Great Photos and a great read. Local real stories from the heart of Mountain culture in New Zealand"

Mickey - Wanaka, Aotearoa new zealand

"1964 is an addictive mix of coffee table book, photography album, local paper and creative anthology showcasing the depth of talent in/around Queenstown Lakes and beyond. Something to treasure. Smells great too."

Richard - oxford, england

“A beautiful, high-quality magazine featuring stories about art, culture and mountains. A magazine unlike any other, the stories are fresh, unique and often quite quirky. Feels very relevant to those living in the Queenstown Lakes area, but it's also be a great read for anyone who loves the arts and the great outdoors."

Bethany - queenstown, aotearoa new zealand

“The little magazine that could! Nice to see a great range of quirk and talent combined with local stories. Give it a subscribe its worth it to hold in your hands and read over a long black on a Sat morning..."

Ross - hawea, Aotearoa new zealand

“Definitely more of a coffee table book than a magazine! The stories and images are timeless. You can read a story, then put it down, come back a few weeks later, and everything is still relevant."

jason - wanaka, Aotearoa new zealand

“The best damn magazine ever! Just when we thought magazine print was dead, 1964 showed us what the world could be like if publishers cared about their community and wanted to deliver a product that was of the highest quality in every way."

joe - wanaka, Aotearoa new zealand

“Such a stunning publication, every time. I just love seeing it arrive on the doorstep, it's a work of art! Wonderfully written articles, beautifully curated imagery, lovingly published - we really enjoy!"

erin - wanaka, aotearoa new zealand

“An awesome magazine with real stories, made by real people sharing the heart of New Zealand and the culture and environment around our place and people."

oscar - dunedin, Aotearoa new zealand

“I never know quite what I am going to find in a new issue of 1964 BUT i know I am going to love it. The combination of culture and outdoors is A1+++ with a massive shout out to the humour often present in the articles AND the photographs are magic and in fact the whole layout is a stunner. I like to show it to people and be like SEE! this is the place!! It shows our rural south in such complexity and beauty and in case it is not apparent I very recommend it."

liz - dunedin, Aotearoa new zealand

“I found my first copy of this magazine in the second hut of a 5 hut trip. A welcome respite from glossy hunting mags for reading material. The variety of articles and images led to great out-loud bedtime reading for us all. I wanted to finish it and it was worth it's weight to carry to the next hut to do so. Can't say enough good things about this magazine, it will keep you on your toes. Now get copies sent to my house and trying to find back issues to complete my set."

morgan - british columbia, canada

“An absolute delight every time, 1964 is equally entertaining, informative and touching. I've been a reader since the first issue and it continues to improve with each release. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed, the photos, features and artwork are consistently wonderful - you'll never be bored with this magazine."

nick - new south wales, australia

“I LOVE this magazine!! The journalism is truly fantastic and I always end up learning something new, and having a good giggle along the way. The printed copies are gorgeous and look fabulous on the coffee table too! This is a great gift idea for friends and family... and don't forget yourself!!"

rachel - new south wales, australia

“A beautifully designed magazine that combines art, photography, storytelling, poetry, and all things mountain in a truly unique way."

ilja - british columbia, canada