Dirge Bucolic By Jasmine Gallagher

I was introduced to the AllTrails app while travelling for work. I was in unfamiliar settings, and wanted to escape my hotel room and go for a short hike. AllTrails had the answer. The app features more than 400,000 curated trails and a global community of over 45 million users. The largest collection of digital trail guides in the world, AllTrails helps you discover new trails, navigate, connect with other trail-lovers and stay safe before heading outside. There’s everything from intense backcountry adventures to quick strolls, with all the info you need to save time, be prepared and get outside without getting lost. The additional AllTrails+ premium feature has offline maps that can be downloaded ahead of time, wrong turn alerts, 3D maps and even printable maps for us old-schoolers. AllTrails is a member of 1% for the Planet and gives 1% of annual sales to nonprofit organisations focusing on protecting nature. Next time you’re brainstorming a tramp or a day walk, check out alltrails.com/mobile or @alltrails. – NW