Georgia Merton

Georgia Merton has succumbed to the allure of the mountains and now lives in Wanaka. Happiest writing about eccentric folk, interesting food and our environment. Currently attempting to master the art of compost. Read her work here.

Zack Black

Zack Black is a photographer based out of Montana in the U.S. He typically spends his time adventuring throughout Montana in the summers and then goes international for the winters. He is an avid fly-fisherman and outdoor enthusiast who has pursued and photographed trout for most of his life. Zack’s work has been featured in galleries and shows around the U.S. as well as Salt Water Fly Fishing magazine. He has dedicated his life to conservation and preserving the wild places of the world.

Zack Black

For the last 7 years, Erika Galpin worked as an acquisitions editor for several eBook companies. Before that she was a professionally published author and even won an international haiku contest. Now Erika is concentrating on her own writing.

Liz Breslin

Liz Breslin writes poems, plays, stories, reviews and a fortnightly column for the Otago Daily Times. Her first collection of poems, Alzheimer’s and a spoon, was published in 2017 by Otago University Press, and listed as one of the NZ Listener’s Top 100 Books the same year. Recent performances include Verb Wellington’s Litcrawl, Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival, WORD Christchurch and a tour of bars, bookshops and a fairy-lit skatepark in BC, Canada.

Bethany Rogers

Originally from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK), Bethany Rogers travelled the world a little before becoming 'stuck' in New Zealand. She writes and edits for magazines, particularly on her favourite topics of the arts and adventures. At night, she writes dark, short fiction. When she's not writing she can be found hiking, trail running, paddle boarding or boxing. She currently lives in Queenstown with a very large rabbit called Oscar Wilde.
Facebook @bethanygrogerswrites
Instagram @bethanygrogers

Allan Uren

Allan Uren lives in Wanaka. He’s a mountaineer, rock climber, skier, and in his spare time, a painter and decorator. He’s written stories for New Zealand Geographic, has a short story in a book, To The Mountains, a collection of New Zealand alpine writing and has had a column in Wilderness Magazine. Contact Allan on [email protected]

Annabel Wilson

Annabel Wilson is a writer from Wanaka. Her first poetry collection, Aspiring Daybook, was published in 2018 by Makaro Press. It was longlisted for the 2019 Okham New Zealand Book Awards and won the NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival award in the Fiction/Poetry category. Her work has also appeared in journals in NZ and overseas. Her play No Science to Goodbye was performed at the Southern Lakes Festival of Colour, BATS and Te Pou theatre. Annabel has been awarded the RAK Mason fellowship at NZ Pacific Studio, the inaugural Australasian Association of Writers’ Programmes Emerging Writers’ Prize and a residency at the Robert Lord Writers’ Cottage. She runs a NZ arts, adventure and culture guide at



Samantha Montgomerie

Samantha Montgomerie is a poet based in Macandrew Bay, Dunedin. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Nga Kupu Waikato: An Anthology of Waikato Poetry, takahe and Landfall. She is also a published author of fiction for children. When she is not writing, she enjoys roaming the forests and mountain tracks around the country.

Teresa Angell

Teresa Angell is a freelance photographer based out of Raumati Beach in New Zealand. A passionate action photographer of animals, wildlife and dogs. She is currently photographing and researching the history of the Sled Dog Racing community in New Zealand, to publish a pictorial book later in 2020. When not immersed in her projects, Teresa enjoys time with family, the beach, mountain biking and riding her motorbike.

Erin Maessen

Erin Maessen is a science writer based in Taranaki, and has recently completed a Masters in Science in Society at Victoria University. She is interested in science, people, and the way they interact, particularly in relation to conservation and the environment. She enjoys tramping, but especially likes stopping to look for birds and insects along the way, and loves all native creatures especially the weird ones. Find her at

Ian Loughran

Ian Loughran has poems published regularly in the Otago Daily Times, as well as in Down in Eden and Fire and Ice, and he has had musical compositions set to his poems by classical and alternative rock composers. Ian is also a playwright, comedy writer and stand-up comic. Two of his two short plays have been produced and performed in Dunedin: the award-nominated Last Postcard from Cuba and Head Full of Toys. Ian produces and hosts two radio shows: the specialist poetry show ‘All Good Poems Wear Travelling Shoes’ and a music show ‘Sidewalking’ .

Neil Kirby

Neil Kirby came to New Zealand from the UK in 2005, by accident. And stayed. He lives in Otatara with his wife, 3 young children and 5 sheep. When he's not changing nappies or pretending he knows how to use power tools in his workshop, he runs his own Marketing & Brand consultancy business, the curiously named Atticus Road. Web: Facebook: @atticusroad. Twitter: @atticusroad

Pallas Hupé Cotter

Pallas Hupé Cotter was an Emmy award-winning former TV news reporter and anchor in the USA. Now she’s an award-winning speaker, writer and founder of a personal leadership development and strategic messaging consultancy, called POP. Pallas’ personal essays have been published in The Spinoff, The New Zealand Herald, Huffpost Australia, and Cultural Weekly. She’s also authored two books: The POP Process: Discovering Your Passion, Purpose & Personality and Discovering Yourself in New Zealand, Inspiration for Reinventing Your Life.

Pedro Pimentel

Originally from the antipodes of New Zealand (Portugal), Pedro Pimentel travelled a bit of the world working as a Mechanical Design Engineer, taking photographs and making videos of climbers and other adventurers before calling Wanaka home five years ago. His adventure photography work has been featured and published in numerous publications around the world like Nat Geo, The Guardian UK, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun, amongst others. Pedro is the creative brain behind his video production agency Katalyst Media, and his work recently went viral with the Wanaka Floods Daily Drone Episodes.

Ross Mackay

Ross Mackay started shooting photo and video for fun in 2012, then people started calling. He officially made a business of it in 2014 and has been running ever since. He has shot still and moving images all over the world in some of the hottest, coldest and highest parts of our amazing planet. According to Ross, “It provides me with a creative outlet that I hadn’t quite found in life, the variety of work and the people I have been involved with is quite incredible, long may it continue!"

Shayne Galloway

Shayne Galloway is a recovering academic who splits his time between Dading, consulting in recreation, and photography. Based in Queenstown, Shayne pursues landscapes and portraits that are a bit different and - if he can get away with it - in black and white. He applies his training in leisure theory via mountain biking, skiing, and Jiu Jitsu. If you’d like to see more of his work go to:

Claire Lacey

Claire Lacey is a Canadian writer. Her first poetry collection, Twin Tongues, won the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. Her second book, Selkie, is a graphic novel collaboration with artist Sachie Ogawa. Claire is currently pursuing a PhD on the topic of brain injury and poetry at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Web: Twitter: @poetactics

Fiona Murray

Based in Wanaka, Fiona Murray spends as much time as she can in the mountains, while design and art keeps her ticking during down time. She says, “like a lot of people, I need art as an outlet for everything going on in my head, it allows my thoughts to become 3D and lets me process them better. Between sports, adventure, study and art/design, I can stay inspired and be creative in so many different ways, and am always looking for more.” Instagram: @fizzymuzza

Jason Beacham

Jason Beacham first came to Wanaka nearly 20 years ago chasing winters and living the ski bum lifestyle. After a wee stint back in his homeland, he moved back to New Zealand, started a family, and eventually found himself returning to Wanaka four years ago. Now a full time photographer and media man, he splits his time being behind the lens, enjoying the Southern Alps, and creating new dad jokes for his daughter to be ashamed of.

Instagram: @208media Facebook: @208medianz

Jillian Sullivan

Jillian Sullivan lives in the Ida Valley, Central Otago, in a strawbale house she built with her son-in-law Sam. A writer of creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry, her thirteenth book, Map for the Heart - Ida Valley Essays, is due out with Otago University Press in 2020. Web:

Laura Williamson

A writer, songwriter and poet based in Central Otago, Laura Williamson is the editor of 1964: mountain culture / aotearoa. She co-wrote The Blue Moments Project song and spoken word cycle, and her book The Bike and Beyond: Life on Two Wheels in Aotearoa New Zealand is out now as part of the BWB Text series. Facebook: Instagram: @laura_willwritefor

Lennon Bright

Born and raised in the bush in the far north of New Zealand, Lennon Bright has always had a fascination with the outdoors. He first picked up a camera to document his adventures through photographs, only to realise he had found the creative outlet he didn't know he was searching for. Lennon likes to shoot most things, especially the outdoor sports and activities he is passionate about. Living in Wanaka now provides him no shortage of fun things to point a camera at. Web:

Sue Wootton

Sue Wootton lives in Dunedin. Her most recent publications are her novel, Strip, and her fifth poetry collection, The Yield, which were listed for the Ockham NZ Book Awards in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Sue edits the medical humanities e-zine ‘Corpus: Conversations about Medicine and Life’ found at More about her work and how to purchase her books on her website:

Tim Brewster

Wanaka-based writer Tim Brewster is the founder and editor of The Good South - - a locals' guide for visitors to the lower South Island. Originally from Dunedin, Tim has written extensively about travel and adventure and runs his own digital marketing copywriting business. He has worked in skiing and tourism for decades and enjoys paddleboarding, mountain biking and cooking curry. Web:

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is 55 years old and lives in Hawea Flat with his wife Janey, dog Kramer and ginger cat Big Eddy. He earns a living as a chimney sweep, and spends his free time chasing swell, wind and snow. Other interests include a burgeoning belief in the right of all New Zealanders to good mental health, and he campaigns quietly for more openness and honesty around mental illness. He is a former newspaper reporter. Photo credit: Andy Cole

Leslie Eaton

Leslie Eaton is an award winning graphic artist tucked away in the tiny community of Metchosin, Canada. She has over 25 years of experience in print and advertising. Her work has reached as far as NYC (and
now NZ!). When not in front of a computer you can find her coaching archery, fishing, walking forest trails with her dogs, practising some form of fibre-arts or painting medieval illumination recreations, all while being a military spouse and TCB.
Photo: Susan Robertson
Instagram: paperscapeworks

Hayden Campbell

Hayden is a full-time professional photographer living in the beautiful Catlins, New Zealand.

He concentrates on weddings and portraits in the summer, which allows him to focus on surf and landscape during the winter months.

Facebook: hayden.blacklabelphotography Instagram: hayden.blacklabelphotography/

Oscar Hetherington

Oscar is 20 years old and has been creating images since he was about 14. He has a great passion for the outdoors, and loves shooting all aspects of the ocean, and the lifestyles and sports that surround it. Whenever he is not shooting in the water or on land, he’s surfing, swimming or planning the next adventure.
Web: Instagram: oscar.hetherington

Scott Kennedy

Scott Kennedy is a card-carrying multipotentialite, splitting his time between various creative projects, including working as a writer, photographer, installation artist, musician, filmmaker, educator and event planner. And, let’s be honest, he drinks a lot of coffee. Born in Canada, Scott has called Queenstown home since 2002. His words and images have appeared in numerous publications over the years, writing about topics as diverse as travel (remember that?), politics, adventure sport, art and culture. He is the co-founder of the post-rock band / art project EchoKnot, which released their first album, Under a Mountain, in 2019.
Web: Twitter: @ScottKennedyNZ

Ilja Herb

Ilja Herb is a Canadian artist currently based in Wellington, where he teaches photography at Massey University. His work has appeared in National Geographic, Geo, Outside, Powder and Bike magazines, and he has led community filmmaking projects in Ghana and South Africa on issues related to environmental governance and policy. Other recent work includes a visual media project documenting ecological impacts that come with the return of the sea otter in indigenous communities in coastal BC and Alaska. When not photographing chainsaws and outboard motors, Ilja can be found sailing the Canada’s West Coast aboard his temperamental sailboat Foxy.
Web: Instagram: @iljaherb

Michelle Chalklin-Sinclair

Having graduated with a BA (English & Art History) from the University of Otago, Michelle worked in sales and marketing until 2004, when she followed her dream and became co-owner and Managing Director of the Artist’s Room Fine Art Gallery and The Framers Room Studio in Dunedin. An emerging photographer, she also co-founded the Dunedin and Otago Fonebooks. Both were bestsellers, and the Dunedin Fonebook was the highest selling self- published book in Aotearoa in 2016/17.

Gavin Lang

Wānaka-based mountain guide and adventure photographer Gavin Lang owns and operates First Light Guiding and is currently working on a project called Seeking The Light, for which he is climbing the
24 New Zealand peaks higher than 3000 metres. He plans to write a book and produce a documentary to tell the story of the mental health benefits of adventure, challenge, and time spent in nature.

Facebook: Instagram: gavinlangphotography

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