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mountain culture / aotearoa

moun·tain /mount(ə)n/ a region characterised by remoteness and inaccessibility.

cul·ture/ˈkəlCHər/ the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

1964 does not fight for space on magazine racks, but rather is a paid subscription / targeted free distribution model. Along with our paid subscribers, 1964 is distributed via specific high-traffic areas in the greater Queenstown Lakes District.

You’ll find us where your customers hang out: breweries, cafes, hotels, outdoor stores, back country huts, lodges, ski hills and wherever people who explore New Zealand gather. We make it very easy for our readers to find 1964 and with our advertisers also doubling as distribution locations, we send people to your place of business.

1964’s content and format keeps us out of the recycling bin and in front of your customers for months, if not years.

If you’d like to target the visitors, holiday makers and locals of the Queenstown Lakes District, please contact the publisher Nathan Weathington at [email protected] or 0212156174.

Total Circulation: 5,000 (quarterly)

Total Reach: 25,000 (based on industry trends, first party data TBD)

Demographics (based on industry trends, first party data TBD)

Age: Median 34

Gender: Male 50% Female 50% Human 100%

Income: $98,000

Interest: Skiing, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, climbing, hiking, camping, dining, arts, craftsmanship and exploring the best parts of New Zealand.

Download the full media kit here.

Annual ad Rates: All rates exclusive of GST

Double Page Spread: $2,450 (275mm high by 420mm wide)

Full Page: $1,490 (275mm high by 210mm wide)

Half Page: $750 (275mm high x 100mm wide or 132mm high x 210mm wide)

Quarter Page: $450 (120mm high x 90mm wide) (when available)

Back Page: +50%

Inside Front – Page 2/3: +30%

Inside Back – Page 98/99: +15%

Website Sponsor $445/mn

Feature in ‘We Love’ Product Gallery: $395/quarter page (and yes, the crew at 1964 must love your product/service before it will be allowed in this section. Samples of beer, wine, bikes, fly-rods and the other minor vices might be required). Word count <100. 

Please note: if an ad is to be to the edge of the page, it must be formatted to bleed off the edge.

Specifications: PDF format only. CMYK, 300dpi minimum, 3mm bleed, 10mm margin from trim, no crop marks.

For spreads, create guides 6mm out on each side of the spine (i.e. the centre of the spread). Place the image in the document twice. Line up your images to the outside edge of the margin, finally bring them together so that they meet in the middle, causing the image repetition inside the spine margin.

Please contact us for exact specifications before submitting any artwork for print, we are happy to help.

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Autumn 202310 Dec 20223 Feb2310 Feb 2023First Week of Marand throughout Mar-May
Winter 20235 April 20235 May 2023132May 2023First week of June,and throughout June-Aug
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